The school aims at providing a well-networked, safe and efficient transport system for the students in the school’s neighbourhood.

The Teachers accompany the students in the buses to maintain discipline & safety. All the buses / Vans have fulfilled Government regulatory standards. Trained drivers and helpers are provided for every bus/van for the safety of students. The transport service is safe and secure and will pick up and drop students at specified stops only. The transport fee is collected for 11 months per year and is not refundable. Charges for transport are in accordance with the distance. This is reviewed from time to time and charges are subject to change depending on the prevailing fuel prices.

The School transport service will be available for those who would like to avail of it, subject to its route being programmed by school authorities

  • School bus drop-off and pickup points are to be noted by the parents.
  • If there is a change of residence, parents should give it in writing in advance and check on the nearest pickup point of the school bus.
  • Bus fees will not be refunded under any circumstance.
  • If the child availing the school bus needs to be picked up from the school by the parent or a nominated responsible adult, a note should be sent. Telephone instructions will not be entertained.
  • Parents should make a note of the mobile numbers of the school bus drivers.
  • Parents, guardians or drivers coming to pick the children up should carry the pickup card provided by the school.


Bus safety depends upon students’ co-operation with the driver, conductor and nanny. It is impossible for the driver to concentrate on the road when students misbehave. The bus is considered as an extension of the School and the following code of conduct is required to be followed.

  • Students must remain seated.
  • Tampering with the bus or any of its equipment is prohibited, failing which the cost of damage will be collected from the students responsible.
  • Communicating in a regional language is prohibited.
  • Students must travel in their assigned bus and get off only at the assigned stop.