Club Activities

Club Activities

Our school provides holistic education that perfectly balances academic and extracurricular activities.

Clubs in our school enhance learning through interaction & discussion. Every activity carries out by the club will encourage students to cultivate a different perception of life. Students get an opportunity to showcase and groom their talents. Activities conducted are not only benefit in shaping their interest & hobbies but also develop their leadership & social skills. Club activities help students to collaborate with students from various social and age groups.

Club Activities

Literary Club


  • Recitation
  • Story telling
  • Book Review
  • Newsletter
  • Spell bee
  • Different Competitions
  • Singing
  • Debate
  • Extempore
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Math Club

The Purpose of the Math Club is to develop students’ level of Math skills and knowledge. This will be accomplished by using games, activities, and mock competitions. Students will cooperatively work to improve their logical skills, analytical skills and Math Puzzles.

Aims and Objectives

  • To create interest in Maths.
  • To improve your math and problem-solving skills.
  • To increase your competitive skill
  • To enjoy math in nature.
  • To admire and learn Vedic Maths.
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Science Club

This club provide an opportunity for individuals to learn about different scientific disciplines, conduct experiments, and participate in various scientific activities. By joining a science club, students can enhance their scientific knowledge, develop critical thinking skills, and cultivate a passion for science.

  • Organizing lectures, debates, seminars, symposia etc.
  • Holding science exhibition and fair
  • Celebrating birth days of eminent scientist
  • Participating in science fairs
  • Conducting visual programmes of scientific interest
  • Arranging visit to places of scientific interest
  • Preparing of charts, postures, models etc.
  • Developing school garden
  • Displaying science news
  • Improvising and preparing hand-made apparatus
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